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The convenient, easy way to pay for your Pet’s care!!

We say YES!!

The health of your pet is the most important thing to us. So we are now offering a new way to be able to care for your pet without wiping out your checking account in one month.

The convenient, easy way to pay for your Pet’s care!!

What is easyPay?

With easyPay, you can pay a monthly payment based on what you spent last year and/or what you and your Pet’s doctor feels is best care for your pet for the coming year.

What is the Benefit?

  • Convenient and Easy
  • Accurate and Reliable
  • Time Saving
  • You pay one annual exam fee (per pet) per year, all exams after are free during the year as long as a positive balance is on the account.

How does it Work?

We look at what you spent the previous year along with what your Pet’s doctor recommends and average that amount over the next twelve months. This amount will be your monthly amount that will be automatically deducted from your credit/debit card. Each year we will automatically adjust your payment up or down based on your pet’s actual incurred costs. If during the year you incur a large expense you may pay that invoice at the time of service or adjust your payment at that time so as to avoid hyper inflation of next years payment amount. You may cancel at anytime as long as any remaining balance is paid in full at the time you choose to cancel.

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