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Here are testimonies from a few of our clients

“We want to thank Dr Huston for her generous time she has taken to explain and tenderly care for our girl. The insight, knowledge and pure experience in dealing with Hana’s skin issues, and life threatening ear problems has been amazing. The patience Dr Huston has in educating us so that we can be proactive in making sure we know what to look for and be aware of has been amazing. Her care and medications has been spot on. We have our Newf, now 9yrs old and going strong because of the care she has received. We are so very grateful.

In reading others comments, I can’t say it better. Dr Huston has built a solid, dependable and caring team, throughout the other doctors and support staff. The Doctors and Doctor Assistants provide a full range of up to date knowledge and experience that compliments the strength of the practice. We would trust any of them with our sweet girls care. Whether our vast is to Barlow Trail or The Village Vet in Damascus our expectations have been more than met. Thank you to all.”

– Sally K, and Hana too!

“Dr. Houston’s warm, compassionate personality and straight forward way of breaking down a diagnosis and treatment plan is so comforting in times of stress. I completely put my trust in her when it comes to the care of my animal family. Her staff is equally caring and helpful. She seems to have a special way of connecting to my dogs, and they are always happy to see her.”

“Both Dr. Houston and Dr. Brenner have treated my animals and I have found both to be extremely compassionate and easy to understand. Treatment options are communicated in a clear and straightforward manner. My dogs adore the entire staff. I give Dr. Houston lots of credit for insuring my 15 year old lab stays healthy and happy. Many thanks to the entire staff! I’ve just added two new kittens to my animal family and I’m grateful for such a compassionate and experienced Veterinary Service to help me toward maintaining their health.”

“We have an elderly pygmy goat who really needed her hooves trimmed. We couldn’t get a herd health done because our sheep decided they didn’t want their shots and hooves trimmed, so we needed to transport our goat to a vet.

I called Barlow Trail and the phone was answered by Courtney, a very friendly young woman, who assured me that Dr Christenson could trim Latté’s feet. So today our little goat suffered the indignities of being put into a dog kennel in the back of my van, and off we went.

I met Courtney at the front desk, who was just as friendly in person as she was on the phone. She told me Dr Christianson would be with us shortly, so I went back out to the car to wait.

He came out in a few minutes, and in just a little while, had Latté’s badly overgrown hooves trimmed down to where they should be. He also gave her a tetanus shot and advised us how to care for her hooves for the next couple of weeks and how to trim them ourselves if we wanted to. Using pruning shears, no less! Who woulda thunk it?

The fees for the service were reasonable, and Dr Christianson was very friendly and helpful.

All in all, a very positive experience all the way ’round. Latté is a lot more comfortable now, and I’m glad we took her to Barlow Trail Vet Clinic. Which also has an awesome website, by the way.”

– Mokihana W.

Testimonial Barlow Trail VetThank Dr. Houston, all I can say is you are the only Dr. Ever allowed to treat our babies! After you saved him after his dog attack years and years ago I refuse to let any doctor ever touch our animals but you! And then when you saved him from his pancreatitis and all the care in between. Thank you for your kindness
– Athena R.